Monday, July 12, 2010

"Do not call me"

Recently, the other side of the ocean that makes the phone marketers came angry, pleased to make the voice of the American people: In order for American citizens are no longer strange marketing phone harassment, Bush said: "Do not call me" (DoNotCall) . June 27, Bush signed the Federal Trade Commission FTC launched "Do not call me" registration service, suffered deeply move telemarketing junk the United States suffered a number of telephone users. It is reported that as of July 1 morning, "Do not call" list of telephone numbers registered on a total of 12.5 million, and another 14 million phone numbers are on the list from the state's registered automatically transferred to the federal list. FTC officials expect at least the final registration number will reach 60 million. However, in the United States two million personnel by telephone to eat seats are facing the threat of unemployment.

Although the matter has been temporarily in the past, but there are still several issues have to contemplate. First, telephone marketing in the United States a little annoying, but in China it has only just begun by the people and why? Second, the future of China Call Center in the telemarketing business will come to such a situation the United States today? Third, China Call Center market to the healthy development?

We know the Call Center is not only a technical system, but also a platform for business operations, it is the company one of the channels of communication with customers, not since the first day of its existence was beginning to resist the American people, but the Call Center operations Business today can not handle the customer relationship, the abuse of client resources (phone number) of the results, it was called "digging its own grave."

Nowadays, Chinese people are beginning to experience an American public has ever seen a telephone marketing brought about by the convenience of the Call Center dedicated care for me. On the other hand, to meet the market demand for Call Center operations in China, many enterprises are now conducting a new round of Call Center construction, reconstruction and development process. In fact, more and more Chinese companies know how to protect the people of this on the Call Center of the passion, focus on customer relationship management, accurate positioning clients to avoid the misuse of client resources, to Call Center construction and operation of stable and healthy development. It is foreseeable that China Call Center market will usher in a new development opportunity.

Also, according to "AMR Research, May 2002", a report said the CRM, worldwide on chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, financial services, transportation, automotive, high technology, telecommunications, retail and other industry surveys Fa Xian Although changes in key priority sectors, but the traditional CRM capabilities will guide investment in 2003, CRM applications. Among them, the willingness to continue investing in the Contact Center Enterprise are: oil and natural gas 100%, car 88%, chemicals 86%, 85% of financial services, telecommunications 77%, 75% of high-tech, medical 67%, retail 62%, transport 43%. The report further revealed that to on the agenda, mainly to consider the future of CRM applications in four areas, namely, customer data analysis (84%), Contact Center (69%), marketing automation (68%) and online self-service ( 64%). Visible, Contact Center, as part of CRM, it will continue to be the industry's attention.

Indeed, many of the old system, technological innovation is a priority, but also a huge market. After years of Call Center construction and operation of some of our major industries have self-built Call Center, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, high technology, home appliance manufacturing, electricity, postal service. The Call Center industry in the early construction of the main considerations with the functions of the Call Center, the key is to solve customer service problems, such as customer consultation, customer complaints. The Call Center systems are indeed the completion of the business operations of these industries and the expansion has contributed to, but as time goes on, the market in a competitive environment of continuous change, the customer Call Center can provide quality of service requirements more high, the service response time requirements faster, more comprehensive services required, most of which Call Center system has been difficult to adapt to changing customer needs. To this end, the original Call Center System will be faced with system expansion, technology upgrades, remote networking, resource sharing, business expansion, application customization and other issues, the technological transformation of the old Call Center System will be the telecommunications, banking and other priority sectors. In addition, demand for new market penetration in all sectors. Needless to say, like telecommunications, banking and other industrial applications successful experience in Call Center System will speed up the birth of new Call Center emergence of market demand, many small and medium scale enterprises will choose to self or outsource to the market, although the customer individual needs for its very limited, but not the low amount of new markets, cut quite a lot.

As the telephone market relatively late start, there is considerable market space, there are many studies and operating experience to be accumulated, but we should learn from, "Do not call me" (Do Not Call) learned to carry out the operations, so that CTI and call center industry better.

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